Emerline Ji is a producer, growth strategist, and freelance consultant based in Brooklyn, NY. 

My work is about building artful systems and platforms for growing businesses. I partner with creators, leaders, and teams to deliver cohesive experiences for their people.

I'm the Consumer Strategy Lead at Somewhere Good, a new social network centering identity and collective discovery. Prior to Somewhere Good, I worked at CreativeMornings and Squarespace.

Raised in California, I studied literary journalism, political science, and global communications at the University of California, Irvine and Yonsei University in Seoul.

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Full-Time Work


Consumer Strategy Lead
(Feb 2021 - Present)

Somewhere Good is a new social network centering identity and collective discovery. Founded by Naj Austin, our team is building and exploring innovative frameworks for safer social platforms online.⁣

What I do:
➫ Leverage consumer development to solve product challenges
➫ Integrate consumer needs in all product and business decisions
➫ Responsible for knowing our users and testing hypotheses
➫ Set a high bar on evidence-based results for company
➫ Facilitate and managing the SHIFT Fellowship program

Freelance Work

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