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PAPER TRAIL is a personal newsletter born during quarantine. I made it to archive my scrappier and less polished writing. In each issue, you can expect a stream of consciousness, a few new essays, a visual interview with friends, and cool links I enjoyed.

Why subscribe? If you love Anderson .Paak, dig the editing style of short op-ed documentaries, or are into layered essays on identity, culture, design, heritage, tech, or marketing — I’ll likely have some posts for you.

What's in every issue?

Personal Memo / As a personal newsletter, you'll obviously be greeted first with a memo from me talking about whatever is on my mind at the time of writing.

New Words Any new essays or commentary on identity, culture, design, heritage, tech, or modern work — I’ll likely have 2~3 posts per newsletter.

In the Oven / What makes each of us feel like our best selves? What habits, mantras, or memories help us get to each of our own golden hours? This section is where I feature conversations with friends.

Turntable / Whether it's great music or articles, I'll share a list of recommendations I've saved. As someone who geeks out about specifics, I can't guarantee anything about the quality here. 


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