January 3, 2021

Golden Hour with Paul Jun

Golden Hour is a bite-sized column featuring people that are creating magic and illuminating their corner of the world in diverse ways. If you're into philosophy, writing, and reading, you're in for a treat in this 1-1-1 with Paul.

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October 12, 2020

In the Shape of You

What do you do or make that looks and feels like you?

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October 4, 2020

Turntable 001

What is this? A list of saved music, podcasts, and other recommendations.

A moody playlist inspired by SZA’s Hit Different.

Mix No. 24 of Sasha Marie’s Radio show is about setting intentions.

Infinity Song is an inspiring sibling band that makes me swoon.

One of the most beautiful email clients I’ve seen. The price is too steep.

Form No Form is a visual channel by the people behind Somewhere Good.

YouTuber Aja Dang’s consistent sharing of her financial journey is refreshing.

I love @jinjoojpeg’s Hanbok Girl series. And if you don’t know what a hanbok is…

@nonono.design creates modern yet slightly nostalgic feeling visuals and posters.

I always miss my family and home when I see photos in the desert.

Otis Magazine: What ever happened to the Reebok Pump?

Research on why women don’t negotiate our job offers as often.

Work The Polls is a great guide to becoming a poll worker.

Why setting goals isn’t always about hitting the goal.

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“I don't think with the way the world is going now that you need to have a title per se, it's just about having an idea and executing it from start to finish. I think the communication of your idea just needs to be clear.”

— Sean Brown

September 24, 2020

How Incremental Contributions Lead To Meaningful Change

Two key practices to help focus on chunks of progress over perfection.

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